Eivind in Lira: IDP camps

Eivind has been visiting Lira town, where CRO plans to open a new branch:
After I had been to Kigali, I went to Lira to meet the National Coordinator of CRO. She showed me the building where CRO is planning to establish a new branch. It was supposted to be ready by Saturday, but it was not. The owner of the building claimed he was waiting for some doors from Kampala. They don't make good doors in Lira, according to him.

The compound and building for CRO Lira

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He also found time to visit some of the camps for internally displaced people in Lira:
The first camp we visited was abondoned. People had returned to their homes, as the situation has become more peaceful than it used to be. About five yeas ago, when the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) was terrorising the people of Northern Uganda, about fifteen IDP-camps were established inside and around Lira Town. They came there for protection. Now there are only two or three camps left in Lira.


After seing the the abandoned camp, we went to visit another one, Erute Camp. Here I meet Okello, who has a wife, four kids, a hen and eight chickens. He has been living in the camp with his family for five years. He describes the conditions in the camp as good, eccept for the hunger and poverty.

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