Eivind in Mbale: Hard to say goodbye

Today is my last day at CRO. I said my formal goodbyes yesterday, because we have important visitors from Strømme Foundation today. In the morning, I said goodbye to the staff after the morning devotion. Most of the staff had something to say to me, and it was quite overwhelming with many nice words. I also had to hold a speech, and it was a special moment. In the lunch break, the CRO choir sang for me. I have heard them sing several times, but this time it was for me... "Eivind, you are leaving, we all wish you the Lord's blessings. We are sorry you're leaving us now, please remember to come back to us." The manager said some nice words, then one of the youth held a speech on behalf of the children. Dan, one of the boys living on the street, also wanted to give me a speech. It was very emotional, and I appreciated it very much.

Dan said he wanted to improve and get away from the street, so that he one day could visit me in Norway.

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