Helene and Anne-Therese have arrived in Iquitos. Anne-Therese shares her first impressions:
Photo: ~ Helene a la selva ~

Yes, now we are in Iquitos. After a some hours delayed flight, we finally landed on sunday, and Dino and Joel met us on the airport. The poor guys had been waiting for four hours in the rain... Hace mucho calor aqui!I(it´s hot!) Tiday it has been 37 degrees, and it is getting warmer every day ( I still don´t know why it´s getting hotter, I thought it was raintime, but I still haven´t seen any rain). Helene and I have some hard times getting used to the heath, even when we are sitting and not doing anything we are soaking wet of sweat....all the time.
We´ve been to La Resting asome days now, and I it´s a very nice project! The kids are asking a lot of things, and the y laugh a lot when I don´t understand anything. I hope my spanish will be better after some time! We have been picking garbidge for them to use in different project at La Restinga. It was impressing to see all the houses of wood, when the lake gets really big, they use a boats between the houses.

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