Kristin and Bente in Lima: In the footsteps of Che Guevara

The period of language studies in Lima is over, and the South American Act Now-ers are ready to go their separate ways. Kristin writes:
Monday at dawn Inger Marie and I will take off for Chota and the mountains. We will fly to Cajamarca and have a 5 hour drive to Chota from there. After a meeting in the Stroemme office here in Lima with more information, I am eager to take part in the CODE project up in the "sierra".

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Bente observes:
I realized after reading the book (and watching the film) "The Motorcycle Diaries" that I´ll be following the footsteps of the heroic Argentinian revolutionary tomorrow. Ernesto ´Che´ Guevara made the same journey down the Ucayali River and to Iquitos when he was my age. He travelled by boat from Cuzco to volunteer at a leper colony in San Pablo, a city somewhere east of Iquitos. He liked to travel and sought adventures in this wonderful continent, at the same time as he believed in the South American people´s (or the Mestizo race, as he called them) ability to change their world.

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