Easter in Trujillo

Easter was spent by this girl in Trujillo, a beautiful city along the coast of Peru. A friend invited me to spend some days with her family, so I got to know some Peruvians from the coast and see how they live. I have to say the coast and the highlands seem like two worlds apart, on the coast they are more up to date, have more knowledge and they are also more wealthy. Well, Patricia showed me the Huacas de la Luna- which is a monument/building of barren (leire) which was built by the Moches, a culture that existed before the Incas. Very impressive- they made a lot of nice ceramics, I will try and bring one object to Norway. We took advantage of the sun and went to Huanchaco afterwards, which is the tourist beach of Trujillo, where there are a lot of “gringos” and they sell a lot of tempting art- bracelets, necklaces and earrings made of sea shells, beads and other things from the nature. And I got to try the “caballitos totoras”, which are fishing boats made from straw! What a pity I cant put out more pictures… The other day she took me to another city- Chiclayo- where we visited the royal tombs of Señor Sipan, who was the leader of another culture called the Chimus. So now I have gotten to know various of the Peruvian ancestors :)

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