Anne Margrethe in Bushenyi: I'm still alive

Anne Margrethe blogs about boda-boda rides and childhood memories:
A couple of boda-bodas passing through in a hurry, each one with a white girl on the "backseat". That's Kathrine and me.. The road is humpy, steep and curvy. The wind is blowng through my hair and I'm thinking: "I don't want to die..." I must admit that I sent quite a few prayers up to God this last saturday. But it went well and I had a nice time. Our purpose for this trip was to visit a friend of ours at his house. It was qite far away into the countryside. Some of the roads we travelled on were just paths, and when we came to the house I was surprised to find a nice brickhouse. It's so strange that in "the middle of nowhere" this house stod...
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