Camilla in Iquitos: Am I making the world a better place, or is the world making me a better person?

Soon time to go home:
A while ago a friend of mine wrote to me "it´s good that someone´s out there to make the world a better place¨. Later that day I started thinking, and I realised that, yes I might be here doing something good, something meaningful and yes, something important. But, I know that what I´ve seen, experienced and learned from the people here, no doubt has changed me and made me a better person, more so than whatever changes for the better my presence here has made. And now, the end of my stay here (for now) getting dreadfully close, I know I´ll be going home with new knowledge, contiuing my priveliged life in Norway, and everyone I know and care about here will continue with their struggles, in a country that needs years of change to give its people the security and service they need, deserve and are intitled to. This may sound pessimistic, but after living here, it feels unjust that I can just get on a plane and go home to my safe world.

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