Marte and Bente have arrived in Iquitos. Bente shares her first impressions:
Wow! This place is just amazing. It was such a strange feeling to land in an airport in the middle of the jungle. All I could see out of the window was the green rainforest and its many rivers. But Iquitos is a sauna. I don´t think I have ever been to a place as hot as this before. It is hot and humid all day long and it often rains heavily in the evenings or during the night. It is almost impossible to stay outdoors in the middle of the day, so everyone stays inside relaxing, having a siesta. Once I get used to the heat, I think I will enjoy the laidback life here :)
Marte and I have a very nice apartement with electricity, cold water, a fridge, TV and even some fans in the ceiling to sort of make the air colder.. And the other day we bought a CD-player and an extra fan as well, so we are well equipped.

We have been working three days at the La Restinga house, helping children with homework. They are very cute, talk a lot and some of them are a bit hyperactive. It is difficult to help when I don´t understand everything they are saying or reading, but I can still help them with things, like teaching them to have a pause when there is a punctuation or a comma or do some quick math equations.

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