«Sola» in the jungle: World AIDS day, and more

Anne-Therese holds the fort in Iquitos alone now. Here she describes what went down in the jungle in December:

1st of december was the world day of AIDS and HIV (called SIDA and VIH in spanish). Of course La Restinga was an important participant. I was surprised that this day is so big here (in Norway I haven’t even heard about it). It looked a bit like the 17th of May actually. We were walking in this prosession with banners and flags and lots of people beeing happy and having fun. The difference was all the condoms walking around handing out condoms and folders.
At this day I participated in the puppet theatre (theatre with hands). I thought it was a good opportunity to learn spanish, even if the people were laughing of my strange or all wrong accent. I must admit that I don’t even understood all that I said... We had three plays, “The three small pigs and the bad woolf” (I was the condom), “Snowhite” (I was the bad whitch) and...ehh “rødhette” – the girl with the red jacket and the bad woolf. (I was her alcoholic friend and a nurse). If you wonder how at all a condom, an alcoholic friend and a nurse came into these stories...it is because that they are written to tell the kids about the AIDS. And so the bad whitch in snowhite died of AIDS, and the three small pigs won over the woolf because the condom gave them the tip of boiling hot water under the chimney. (the woolfs best friend of course was the HIV virus)....and so on.

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