Meanwhile, back in Norway

Neema is settling in at her practice place in Arendal:
It is exciting to be here in Arendal and life is good but very challenging. I met and still meeting new people. [...]I live in an appartment, by myself. It contains a bedroom, living room with w kitchen and a bathroom. It is s nice appartment and I like it. [...] Monday, my first day at school, I was assigned to work with first grade. They are small kids aged six years old. It is was so exciting to being in this class and especially playing with them. 'Hva heter du'(what is your name) was a common question and of course togather with many other questions in Norsk. [...] From Wednesday, I started to work with the second grade. I will be there for two weeks. They are aged 7 years old. They are very sweet, loving and caring as the first grade. I really like them. I met two girls from DR Congo. They are students at the same school, Moltemyr (but not in the first and second grade). They lived in Tanzania, they speak a very good Swahili. I'm so excited meeting them and I enjoy talking to them as they remind me of home. School environment is nice, togather with all the people whom I work with. The biggest challenge now is language. These kids do not speak English, they only speak Norwegian. Some times they want you to play with me. Yes, we play. But when comes to communication, I'm always the worst. I hope I'll learn this language very fast.

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