Life in Norway

Living in a foreign country far away from home brings challenges, but also joys. Sylvia from Uganda is enjoying life in Norway:
To be in Norway is not a dream but for a purpose. My first stay in this country was so strange to me but after sometime i got in system of the country. Because of being a peaceful country, walking along the streets is at any time you want to take a move. when walking around the streets i enjoy coz it is comfortable where by you can sleep down when your tied and remain the way you came.

Life in Norway is simple coz you dress any how and no one minds about you, no matter what job your doing, sex, age, character and other things, no one runs after you. But though life is simple, we must keep our eyes on the bigness goal that we have. Having faith in your heart brings powerful results of word to your mind, heart, and life.

Brothers and sisters, keep your eyes to the God and his ability he has promised. Take step by step, but not all at once, but step by step, and each step you take will be a step of MIRACLE. You can ask yourself who this is, but this is SYLIVIA NOW A NORWEGIAN GIRL NOT A UGANDAN GIRL.


From: sylvia and family

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