Eivind in Mbale: In Kampala to pick up mummy

Eivind has been in Kampala to pick up his mum. On the bus on their way back they met preacher/toothpaste salesman Dr. Bright:

The first two hours we had an entertainer on board. Dr. Bright started the show with a prayer. Thereafter he introduced his fantastic toothpaste. If you bought the toothpaste for 1000 Ush (4 NOK), you would get a Dr. Bright toothbrush for free. Afterwards he showed us his fantastic hand and body lotions, with carrot or avocado. Since we appreciated the entertainment, and my mother had dry hands and my old toothbrush is ready for replacement, we bought a tube of toothpaste (with a free toothbrush!) and an avocado hand and body lotion for the total amount of 2000 Ush. The lotion was good, but the toothbrush feels like a dish brush, as it is twice as big as others.

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