Women's Day

In Uganda 8th March is a public holiday, so Monday we had free from work. This day women are not supposed to do anything. Men should cook and clean, and women should go out and enjoy themselves
This day many funny dishes are served in Ugandan homes, included our apartment. “The boys” Peter and Justus came to cook for us. We went to the market and bought vegetables and a live chicken. We got some banana leaves and I did my first chicken-murder. I stood on its feet and wings, ribbed the neck, and since we didn’t have any axe, I had to cut over the neck slowly and brutally with a knife.
I was pretty proud of myself when I after ribbed the still shaking chicken. From women’s killing to men’s cooking. I and Kaia were not allowed in the kitchen at all, and Peter and Justus prepared a delicious African meal for us, that we ate on the floor with our hands. After dinner the boys took the dishes while the girls were relaxing. It was funny with a special day for the women, but as everybody knows, women’s day is every day.

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