CHRISC Karneval

Sylivia has attended a carnival with KRIK. She enjoyed dressing up in historical costumes:
It is important to recall and do the things people used to do even if they are alive or not. At Krik or Chrisc carnival me and Calvin we decided to put on the ways people used to dress long time in Uganda in the time of Idi Amin Dada. This was nice coz Calvin looked like Amin and me i looked they way ladies would put on meeting amin and dancing for him. So people always appreciate your cultures and respect it also and aslo try to do things that have been done by your great people , the people that canot be forgotten at all This is the goodness of KRIK here in Norway and the things it is doing to all people regardless of age,gender,country, we are all the same.

From sylivia and family
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