Anne Margrethe in Bushenyi: Rwanda, here we come!

Anne Margrethe shares impressions from Rwanda:
Last weekend we went to Kigali, Rwanda, together with the four placed in Kampala. They came and visited us here before we continued together to Kigali. Kigali was a really nice town. So clean, many nice buildings, and a nice private park. It was very interesting and touching to visit a church were the 10 000 that hid in were killed, and a memorial. You keep hearing about the genocide, but to be where things had happened gave me a surreal feeling, but also (hopefully) some more knowledge and understanding. I really can’t believe that it could happen. That nobody stopped it. You know; all the soldiers that were put there to get out all the internationals (people from the west), could probably have put an end to it… So “why and how could this happen?” I, like many others, keep asking. I know that I will never really understand what has happened in this country, but with just the little I’ve understood about it I keep asking… WHY? HOW? The marks are from grenade splinters..

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The Fokus students in Kampala were also in Kigali. You can read about their impressions on Per's blog and Kay Amund's blog. Fokus-student Ingrid deler også sine inntrykk på sin blog.

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