American bread and toilet paper

Photo: Peru-Hanna:)
Anne Therese shares some of her first impressions from Lima:
  • the bus. amazing. So many people! on each bus there is one driver and one "shouter". He's reponsible for opening the door, taking care of payment and make the bus stop when people need to get of.
  • not to be thrown in the toilet! Oops...didn't know that for until yesterday...soon I've made the whole cloack system to a stop...
  • I actually have to be at home at 06.00 pm.
  • Lima is BIG!!! When my hostsister said that the trip tp the Stromme office would last "dos horas", I thought I was sure I was hearing spanish está malo... But, the next day we actually sat in the bus for two hours!!! Everyday Therese and I are going to Miraflores for the language course, and then we sit on the bus for 1 and a half hour each way....for only 1 sole!! (2 norwegian crowns..)
  • there are a lot of dogs in the streets
  • I learned that Panamericana is a highway and not american bread... (pan=bread). I could not see why my hostfather always was mentioning american bread when describing the way...haha

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