Surprised by snow

Joshua blogs about playing in the snow and building snow women:
Having come from a winter that seemed not nice to me since i cuold not do anything nice like playing football outside, to a nice sunny days without snow, today it surprised me. i work up late today since its a easter holiday which means no working. it was about 12 p.m when my friend Moses wake me up to tell me what was going outside. i asked him what is the matter because i was still enjoying my a sleep with a nice dream, do you really think i can tell you what was my dream all about. forget it...... he told me that its snowing outside. i thought it was only a joke because since last month we had no snow at all. it was only sunshine with clear skies. never did i expect to see snow again untill i get back to my little warm country without snow. but only to pull out the window catains, Moses was true it was snowing. i really wanted to cry but had to cry inside my heart. i never wanted to get outside my house but i heard children playing from outside. since i do not have some photos of me playing with snow, i asked Moses if we can take some. he said sure. we dressed on our vennesla bokusa and we out to take photos. Moses had to come back to the house because it was cold for him. i decided to make some snow balls and other young children joined me and we started throwing balls to each was funny to see me play with young children. people watched how we played and it was interesting chasing after each other. after playing, we decided to make a snow woman and this is how it looked.


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