Building bridges

One of the main ideas behind the Act Now programme is exchange of people and ideas between cultures. Anne-Therese has started a small drawing project, building bridges between children in Peru and children in Norway: Klikk for å se bildet i full størrelse
Sometimes I actually do come up with a brilliant idea! I have a little sister in the kindergarden in Norway, and so I came to think about that it would be nice to make a little project between the kids there and the kids here. Because when I´m coming back I´m going to visit the kindergarden, and so the kids have something they can ask and talk about. And also the kids here always wonder about how is Norway, and what are the kids in Norway doing.The project was to draw:

What makes you happy?
What do you want to become when you are grown-up?

And so my mum and Elise brought all the dreams and visions from Norway to Iquitos, and I hope that my mums suitcase will be found very soon again, because in that suitcase are all the dreams and visions from the kids here!

See more pictures: Anne-Thereses blogg

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