Bananas and fish for dinner

The adventure has begun. After spending a few days in Kampala, Uganda, the Rwanda-team embarked on their journey towards Kigali, where they will spend the next seven months. After a rather bumpy ride, they finally reached their destination:
And then we arrived. Safely. The bus ride from Kampala to Kigali was shortened down without notice, as the bus decided to break down some kilometres before we reached the Rwandan border. After waiting patiently, hoping they would be able to fix it, for quite some time, we ended up not trusting the mechanics who never seemed to bring the correct part with them, and squeezed ourselves in a taxi. Getting out of Uganda was a-OK, and getting into Rwanda was not a problem either. We only got a visa for 15 days at the border, so we have to go to the immigration office here in Kigali to get “the real one”.

It took us about two hours packed in a local taxi before we finally arrived at the bus station in Kigali, and was eventually picked up by the leader of the day care centre (AMU). Our house/flat is a lot nicer than I pictured, and the neighbourhood is also impeccable. Mama Rose lives on the other side of the wall, and that is a comfort. The food here is really good, and we have eaten bananas for dinner (green ones, made for cooking, but it still sounds quite exotic to eat bananas for dinner) – better said; we have been SERVED bananas and fish for dinner. Right now the only eatable thing we have in the house is loaf, tea and crackers.

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