First snow

There is something about the first snow. Sylivia and Simon from Uganda share their opinions about their first snow in Norway. First Sylivia:
The first snow in Norway this year made me think about home the time it snowed. But after some time i found it interesting because it was funny walking sliding and in motion. Snow is good because it brings the beauty and those who are sportic start trying out their talents. I love snow though cold but i love snow.

From sylivia and family
Simon also has som thoughts:
it was this last week of october when i snow falling down it was fun. it was difficult to walk along the road,it was slippery, i almost fell down but i had winter shoes which were good.but the whole day was so cold,most people were telling me that it was too earlly to have snow fall.but today 31 of octorba,snow dissappeared and we have sunshine,you know its sweet to be under the sun,most people spend their time in their rooms and its difficult to talk to people anyhow,where i stay i can finish two weeks without seeing peoples faces,when i ask them where they be they tell that they spend their time reading i find abig problem making friends here apart from when i meet hald students at the place of work.but its also cold here were i stay am just near the sea,we have agim were if i want to train my muscles i can go there,and also swimming pool.its fun.

From simon stay in norway

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