Sylivia represents CHRISC Uganda in Norway. She blogs about what CHRISC has done for her life:
Chrisc is good to me because it has changed my life both physical and spiritual. Chrisc is the best coz it has helped many people to improve on their skills in sports activities and also other things like seminars,and many other programs.

To me as a person, chrisc has done alot ,coz all long girls never used to play football but now they are doing it. Chrisc has made a great person, because am now a referee and i have got many certificates in different areas and which are important to me in my future life.

Chrisc has also made me have many freinds in different countries and this is coz i love the work that it is doing for us. I have used this picture coz am part of the team and i was playing as a goalkeeper and it is ma best position in football and number 5, 4,6and 11.

Chrisc is doing many things to people in different countries. In my country chrisc works in 8 districts and that is, kabale, kisoro, masaka, kampala, mbale, lira, arua luwero and also yei in sudan. CHRISC I LOVE YOU AND KEEP UP WITH THAT SPIRIT OF HELPING PEOPLE.

From sylivia and family

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