Eating snow and slipping on ice

Coming from a country on the equator, it can be hard to cope with the snow and cold weather in Norway. Joshua shares how he has dealt with the Norwegian weather conditions:
This could be the hardest time and month for me where everything was cold including myself. Norway is really a cold country and I find it very hard to cope up with for having come from a very warm country. I had never experienced such cold before coming to Norway. If there is a month during my stay Here that I had longed to get to Uganda just to sit under a warm sunshine for just a minute and then come back should be in December. The cold was more than I couldn’t hold in vennesla; I could not do things that make me a real Joshua, things like playing football. Singing, taking walks that I started doing when I just got to vennesla before it was damn cold. At first things were moving in a golden cup because I could play football, walk and meet my friends.
but after some time of endurance, i started marking snow balls and guess what?... i now enjoy eating snow...... interesting. i have come to understand that time changes assumptions i thought there was no fun during snow but believe me now i know how nice is to have snow. I used to tell moses that there is no need for me to buy a fridge if i was a citizen of Norway. i would just put whatever i need to get cold in snow for some minutes.

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Nagib has tried out ice-skating for the first time:
As a good Latin guy I must try everything here in Norway, especially in this cold winter, I said cold because this is my coldest winter in all my life. So my family invited me to go for skating since the little girl was going with some friends. When we arrived to the lake I was really exited, so I started to wear those heavy shoes then try to stand up was a whole challenge, then walking, I looked like baby who is learning how to walk. I felt pathetic, but that was worth, at least to try.
Step by step I was moving and moving and when I realized where I was, it was late, I was about to cross the lake, so I just watched everybody walking, running, almost flying, I just tried to do what they were doing. I was surprised when I found that I was good, I was running, almost flying, but the flight didn’t last so long, I landed in the worst way,… with my nose on the ice. Well then I just stopped running so fast and started walking, so I just imagine, if that happened skating, what about snowboarding and skiing, LES’T SEE.

From The Adventures of NAGIB without his "FRIENDS" ..."This Time in Norway"...

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