A normal day in BARNEHAGE

Nagib tells about his experiences working in a Norwegian kindergarten:
Well it could be hard to summarize all my work in one page, But I can start saying that the first week in BARNEHAGE was extremely tired, after every day there I was so exhausted. But the question may be what do I do there to get exhausted?. Well the answer is really easy,,, I play all the whole day, and even it seems easy, it’s not. Being a child is not easy.

First I arrive saying “Halo” and every body scream “Nagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibb” of course each one in a particular own way such as Majib, Angib, Anjib, etc. but all of them mean the same, the some of them run to me. And we star playing, I can tell some tales even I don’t know Norwegian they look as the tale is really interesting, so I go ahead.

We play with every kind of puzzles, till one of the teacher says: “Vi skal rydde” so that means that it is time to clean up, and we go to sing some songs and to listen some tales told by some of the teachers, getting ready to “Vaske hånd” and go to eat.
This is my favorite part, because now I can speak some word in Spanish,
I can say like , vil du ha vann eller melk ? And then i change it to , vil du ha “agua” eller “leche”? And you know something? They remember those words now.

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