KRIK Explore

Photo: sylivia and family

Ritha attended the KRIK Explore camp in Norway. This is how it went down:
It was real fun to have the four days of camp in LILLEHAMMER , where we had skiing acheing and many other activities, there was alot of snow and although it was cold but i didnt feel it so much because there was alot of activities to keep me warm, On new years night, we went to the top of the mountain where we could view the whole city, we went with some kind of lighted fire to wait for the new year and when twelve oclock reached we saw alot of fire works in the city and this made the sky look so beautiful with different colurs and this went on for something like an hour which was so nice to experience, after there we came back down where we had a party and a disco afterwords which was alot entertaining to me. and this is how i received the new year here,

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