Camilla in Iquitos: Feeling at home

Camilla feels at home in Iquitos, and writes about the paste weeks at La Restinga:
Oh, how the weeks fly by here in Iquitos. From the moment we arrived I knew I would like it here. I like the people, the relaxed attitude, the city, the jungle, and not the least La Restinga and the kids there! They are just adorable! But the same relaxed attitude that I like so much some times is really frustrating at other times. Here things obviously work out without having a system, or for me it seems like there´s no structure... Things happen, without us ever hearing about it in advance. Other times, we think we have made plans with someone, and then they don´t show up. Or maybe they show up an hour later. This is a bit hard for a norwegian who is used to a bit more strickt organization. But we are trying to get used to it, and we have realized that we can´t make plans the way we are used to here. It never gets boring thats for sure!

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