Training with Start


Simon from Mbale, Uganda has spent some time training with Start football club. He shares his experiences on his blog:
hei, i had one week training with start club,and it was so fun to train with them.i trained with the second team not the first one.the one i played with were the best in the league in last season.during the training i was able to learn new skills and they learnt too skills from me.they train from different fields not only in one place.the fast day we trained from indoor aplace called sørlandshallen. this was in abig hole build in form of astudium,its covered allover the roof,inside they have bigg lights which warm inside so that when you train its not cold .

the second day we trained from outside not inside,and it was near the forest aplace called sukkenvann.this was very cold so much,on wednesday whic is onsdag,were met to play match but the opposite did not we ahd to train,thursday we trained from adifferent ground gaain called oxgen sentre in kristiansand.but that day it was funto me in that i used awrong bus which took me up to asmall town called grimestart,so i deciced to ring them that i got lost with the bus,then on the next day friday we had our last training at the first groung,then i was able to finish to tarining.most of the training they do is alot of ballwork and less runing.


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