Camilla and Elise in Iquitos: Peruvian Christmas Spirit

Christmas is drawing near in Iquitos:
I know the calendar says December 21st (or now maybe it´s 22nd:), I have helped out making Christmas cribs and Cristmas decorations at La Restinga, and the city has been filled with decorations, Christmas cribs and musical Christmas trees the las month...but the feeling of Christmas is missing. Not a bad word about the traditions of other countries, but I realize that I need snow, marsipan, mandarines, my advent- calendar, and the nice "stress" of baking cakes, buying gifts and all the other things that makes up the norwegina Christmas, to really get in the mood. But that being said, I couldn´t think of a place I would rather be to celebrate Cristmas, now that I´m not at home, than here, with the kids at La Restinga.

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Elise skriver om juleforberedelser på La Restinga:

Det nermar seg jul med stormskritt, og den siste veka, har det vore ein del julefórebuingar pà La Restinga. Sjólv om det er tretti grader pluss, sà blir det jul i àr òg!

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