Camilla in Iquitos: Staying out late

It´s almost midnight and I´m sitting on our usual internet-café El Cyber right across from the plaza. Outside there are a coupple of 6-7 year old kids playing. A normal monday night here in Iquitos. I´ve gotten used to seeing kids in the streets at any hour of the day (or night) , but it still moves me. These are kids who are outside because their parents don´t care, because it´s better than staying at home with drunk parents or maybe no parents in the house, or kids who can´t go home before they have earned enough money. Kids who need someone who cares, someone who worries, gives limitations and who loves them. I always tell "my kids" to go home and go to bed when I meet them late at night, sometimes they nod and say they´ll be going home soon, but then I´ll see them again an hour later.

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