Eivind in Mbale: A night in Bududa

Yesterday was my study day, and I planned to spend it with Josha visiting some friends of him in a village called Bududa. We went by taxi in the morning, and after they had replaced a leaking tyre and a drunk driver, we drove for about one hour before we reached Bududa. On the way I observed lots of matoke (green bananas for cooking) on bicycles, trucks and heads, and on matoke trees along the road. To reach the people we were going to visit, we walked up a hill through a forest. After passing some eucalyptus forest, we entered into a land of banana plantations, mostly matoke. In the middle of one of these plantations, we found the house of Ben and Javia and their family. The house was made of clay and thin loggs, like many semi-permanent houses in Uganda. Josha estimates that a house like this can last for about ten years.

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